That time Dave Rubin tweeted the wrong domain name and I fixed it (after diverting a small amount of traffic) and he never said thanks :(

Story time

It's Monday, November 11th of 2019.

Melissa and I have been in Seattle for barely over a month but we finally have our furniture back so we're enjoying some time lounging on the couch.

I'm scrolling through twitter and I see this:

I didn't even read the entire tweet. My eyes fell straight to

The tweet is already building up some likes and retweets. It strikes me as sort of comical that he fucked up the domain name but I keep scrolling.

A moment later, curiosity strikes and I scroll back up to click the link. Nothing.

I jump up from the couch and head to my computer and bring up a domain registrar.

I know it's silly but I'm kind of excited at this point. I mean he does have over 670k followers.

I enter the domain name, hit enter and there it is.


I toss it into my cart and can't help but think this is a fantastic way to spend $10.

Now that I own the domain, I need to do something quick but I'm not really sure what. I check twitter once more, the tweet hasn't gone anywhere.

After thinking it through, I figure I'm thirsty for twitter followers. I was thinking long term.

So I update the domain name to 301 to my twitter profile. Anyone who clicked the link saw this:

I'm amused. I take a moment to bask in what I've done, then tell Melissa what I did. She isn't quite as amused. She supports me but she doesn't get it.

Anyways, after a little while I decide I actually want to do the right thing, so I update the domain to redirect to instead.

I tweet at Mr. Rubin and tell him that I had a little bit of fun but fixed his link.


he never responded - he didn't say thanks or even invite me onto his show. I'm still a little salty about it.

It's fine though, I left the redirect as is.

All in all I only diverted around 200 - 300 people to my profile and there are no new followers to show for this endeavor.

But it makes an amusing story and solid blog content so that's a plus.

Also, I got some strange out-of-country calls from people trying to buy the domain name over the days following. Not sure what that was about but I still own it.


This was an honest mistake but it shows that it never hurts to take a second glance over what you're putting out on the internet. Especially on a medium like twitter where we typically jot down a thought and hit send.

Even in the wrong hands, I doubt this would have done all that much harm to Dave Rubin's fans.

However, if you go back to the 2017 Equifax breach, it's easy to see the scale a simple mistake like this can take on.

For those who don't know what I mean, Equifax sent a tweet to direct those affected by the breach to the wrong domain name:

instead of

Luckily, Nick Sweeting, the software engineer who bought the domain and cloned the website, had no corrupt intentions either. If you'd like to read the whole story, check out his blog.

Thanks for reading!

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